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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Disaster of Biblical Proportions

Them That Gots, Get

Ok, the title may be a little over the top, but three straight losses to the Cubs nauseates this South Sider.

That said, the Cubs have a good team, certainly good enough to reach the post season, barring the unforseen. Consistent hitting, something the Williams/Guillen entry will never achieve, decent pitching and a first class manager should bear post season fruit.

And get this, Cub GM Jim Hendry wants to improve the team with names like C.C. Sabathia and Erik Bedard spewed out by the rumor mill. All the while, the White Sox hierarchy seems quite content with their one dimensional band of underachievers.

Radio Ga-Ga

Mike North and crew were conspicuously absent from their morning gig today. In their place, Score wiseheads treated us to a heaping helping of Mulligan and Hanley.

I would have loved to hear Pasty's take on the weekend debacle in Wrigleyville. Instead I had to choose between Big John and Cisco, Mike and Mike or Don and Roma.

There's always books on tape...

Narcoleptic White Sox Snooze and Lose

The seemingly disinterested White Sox showed how little regard they have for the Crosstown Classic. Taking a cue from their stupified manager, they spent most of their time breaking bad on Wrigley Field, forgeting there were actual games to be played. Perhaps they can rekindle a fighting spirit before next weekend and the arrival of the Cubs to The Cell.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Un-Wise Recall Speaks Volumes

As discussed, Paulie Walnuts goes on the DL. So what does White Sox Vice-President-In-Charge of Looking Out the Window do? He recalls Dewayne Wise.

Not Josh Fields...not Chris Getz, but the irreplaceable Dewayne Wise!

I saw enough of no talent slugs in 2007 like Andy Gonzalez, Luis Terrero and Dewon Day.

Dewayne Wise may be a good guy and an upstanding citizen but he's a career .197 hitter. Unfortunately, several Sox batsmen have put down roots near the "Mendoza Line', dare we add another?

Evidently our GM thinks so.

While Jim Hendry is working the phones intent on improving a powerhouse destined for the playoffs, Kenny Williams shores up a struggling roster with a guy who was launched by three previous organizations.

Move over Iowa, it appears Williams is presiding over his own farm disaster.

Addition By Subtraction

First the thumb and now the pulled rib muscle, it's time for Paul Konerko and his anemic batting average, porous glove and feet of clay to take a seat for a couple-three weeks!

Can the Sox be worse off with Nick Swisher at first and Brian Anderson in center?

Our Heroes became energized when Juan Uribe was sent to the DL, thus riding a wave of excitement initiated by the sparkling play of Alexei Ramirez. Is it so unreasonable to assume the same could happen if good old #14 disappears for a while?

Konerko has been a solid performer and a three-time all-star since arriving from Cincinnati (in a trade for Mike Cameron). But to all appearances, his skills are waning and his penchant for the double play ground out at critical times is exasperating. His trade value has plummeted with the housing market and certainly former suitors like the Yankees and Angels have better ways to spend their money.

So a trade is doubtful but certainly a diminished role should be considered. Be it a platoon arrangement or the bench, a good first step is the DL. Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen have a difficult decision to make, allow a fan favorite to continue on an embarrassing decline or make a change and hold on to first place.

Your thoughts?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Williams' Fighters Not Convincing

Last week, on the heels of an impressive seven game winning streak, Sox GM Kenny Williams extolled his team as a bunch of guys that never quit, "real fighters".

All evidence to the contrary this week in Detroit.

The underachieving Tigers had their way with the "Fighting White Sox”, besting our “Pugilistic Palehose” three of three.

Paul "DP" Konerko was back in form, while Swisher, Thome, Pierzynski, et, al were all but invisible. Even the usually reliable Javier Vasquez was made to look ordinary in the face of a rejuvenated Detroit line up.

Suggestion to the White Sox hierarchy:

Ozzie, keep talking, Kenny, shut up!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

South Sider on the North Side

It's time for WSCR radio listeners and dopey Chicago sports-scribes to get over it.


The fact that Mike North makes a fabulous amount of money talking about sports, that's what!

All of you (and your friendly blogger, too) have said to yourselves, "I can do that".

Well the fact is North is and you aren't. North is brash, crude, passionate, boorish, hilarious and wildly successful. Without him leading off the days activities WSCR (670AM) becomes third rate noise. OMG, I can't go back to Don and Roma!

Anyway, WSCR management would be well advised to work things out, unless they truly believe their future lies with Mulligan and Hanley.

Can they be that stupid?

North says they are and he's probably right.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sox Hitters Must Pitch In

So far, the White Sox have been an embarrassment and GM Kenny Williams must be doing a slow burn. KW has been characterized as a man who hates to lose and it can be assumed that he doesn't suffer fools very well. Yet, his listless team continues to squeak about how cold it is, how their twitch muscles aren't stretched out and how they eventually will get the hang of this hitting thing. One hopes they don't wait too long.

Preseason wiseheads insisted the White Sox get off to a fast start, as they are sure to be in a season long brawl with the Indians and Tigers. Hell, they struggle against the Royals especially in Missouri where they accounted themselves miserably in 2006. The pitching has been encouraging and with a slight uptick in batsmenship, the Sox would be leading the division. However, they continue to sleepwalk through April as if they were still in Arizona. Mark Buehrle's magnificent no-hitter was only the second best bit of news Wednesday night, taking a back seat to the six runs that were scored by our heroes!

White Sox fans who implore, "What about the hitting" may have finally hit a responsive chord with the South Side gods. Let's hope they keeping listening!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shawn Kemp Has Nothing On This Guy

Scientists Discover Most Fertile Irish Male

By Siobhan Kennedy

(Reuters) Scientists in Ireland may have found the country's most fertile male, with more than 3 million men worldwide among his offspring.

The scientists, from Trinity College Dublin, have discovered that as many as one in twelve Irish men could be descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, a 5th-century warlord who was head of the most powerful dynasty in ancient Ireland.

His genetic legacy is almost as impressive as Genghis Khan, the Mongol emperor who conquered most of Asia in the 13th century and has nearly 16 million descendants, said Dan Bradley, who supervised the research.

"It's another link between profligacy and power," Bradley told Reuters. "We're the first generation on the planet where if you're successful you don't (always) have more children."

The research was carried out by PhD student Laoise Moore, at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity. Moore, testing the Y chromosome which is passed on from fathers to sons, examined DNA samples from 800 males across Ireland.

The results -- which have been published in the American Journal of Human Genetics -- showed the highest concentration of related males in northwest Ireland, where one in five males had the same Y chromosome.

Bradley said the results reminded the team of a similar study in central Asia, where scientists found 8 percent of men with the same Y chromosome. Subsequent studies found they shared the same chromosome as the dynasty linked to Genghis Khan.


"It made us wonder if there could be some sort of Genghis Khan effect in Ireland and the best candidate for it was Niall," Bradley said.

His team then consulted with genealogical experts who provided them with a contemporary list of people with surnames that are genealogically linked to the last known relative of the "Ui Neill" dynasty, which literally means descendants of Niall.

The results showed the new group had the same chromosome as those in the original sample, proving a link between them and the Niall descendents.

"The frequency (of the Y chromosome) was significantly higher in that genealogical group than any other group we tested," said Bradley, whose surname is also linked to the medieval warlord. Other modern surnames tracing their ancestry to Niall include Gallagher, Boyle, O'Donnell and O'Doherty.

For added proof, the scientists used special techniques to age the Y chromosome, according to how many mutations had occurred in the genetic material over time. The number of mutations was found to be in accordance with chromosomes that would date back to the last known living relative of Niall.

Niall reportedly had 12 sons, many of whom became powerful Irish kings themselves. But because he lived in the 5th century, there have been doubts the king -- who is said to have brought the country's patron saint, Patrick, to Ireland -- even existed.

"Before I would have said that characters like Niall were almost mythological, like King Arthur, but this actually puts flesh on the bones," Bradley said.

When international databases were checked, the chromosome also turned up in roughly 2 percent of all male New York

Monday, January 02, 2006

"Jerry Who" Keeps On Ticking

Back when it became apparent the Bears desperately needed a GM to get the franchise right, the candidates of choice were, among others, Tom Donahoe and Tom Modrak. I knew little of ether other than they worked for the Steelers, a franchise with a successful recent history. They had stability at head coach with Bill Cowher and weathered an excruciating stream of free agent defections. Yep, how could the Bears go wrong if either were hired.

However, the Steel City dynamic duo shuffled off to snowy Buffalo, while Bears Prez Ted Philips acquiesced to the NFL's wishes and conducted a contrived manhunt for the perfect executive. The long inexorable search yielded Jerry Angelo. Oh, how the local scribes and talking heads snickered when Angelo was introduced at his unveiling, launching into a Norm Crosby-esque opening speech. OK, so public speaking isn’t his long suit.

Saddled with a head coach (Dick Jauron) he didn't want after the mirage of 2001, JA made the best of things, revamping pro and collegiate scouting departments, drafting players and signing free agent veterans to plug various gaps in talent. When he could no longer stand Coach Dick’s brand of football, he cleaned house (with Mama McCasley's imprimatur) and brought in Lovie Smith.

Fast forward to January 2006; Angelo's Bears have won the NFC North (beating the Packers twice), earning a first round bye. His organization is preparing for a home divisional playoff with the Panthers, Bucs or Giants.

In the meantime, Tom Donahoe is about to be ashcanned in Buffalo, perhaps Modrak too. Rich McKay and his excitable coach Jim Mora Jr. missed the playoffs with an exceptional athlete at QB who should be playing a different position.

Has JA made mistakes? God yes, they all do, but few enough to have caused the rest of the league to look toward Chicago with envy. The Monsters are two victories from a Super weekend in Detroit (yes, there is such a thing).

...and that is nothing at which to snicker!